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Established since Feb 2002 with the aim to provide : For more than 20+ years. With the achievement and experience of MS. PATTANEE STHITIRATTA, Managing Director; Trails of Asia, who worked in ultimate service hospitality business (International 5 Star Hotel) for 16 years, plus 18 years in the international travel business. That can be the guarantee our world-class services for our partners.

Trails of Asia is an SME Destination Management company, Our staff are multi-talent. We have separated our duties into 5 divisions for the effective operation of MICE business.
We have 9 permanence staffs and more than 100 freelance staffs who have various expertise and talents, which we always assign the right people in the right project and make a big smile for our clients.

Your smart passport to authentic local culture exploration

        • At Tubudd, we're redefining the way you experience travel by introducing you to our cherished "local buddies." We've chosen this term thoughtfully to ensure there's no confusion or defaulting to the traditional "guide" label. Our local buddies on the App are not just guides; they're your friends, companions, and mentors throughout your journey.

        • Get ready to forge connections, share laughter, and create memories that extend far beyond the typical tourist experience – because with Tubudd, every local buddy is a doorway to an unforgettable journey.


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The Kingdom of Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country located in Southeast Asia, almost equidistant between India and China. Known for centuries by outsiders as "Siam" the Kingdom has long been a migratory, cultural, and religious crossroads for many Southeast Asian nations. Thailand, like other Asian countries, had been influenced by contact with foreign cultures. However, the ever-changing spirit of Thai culture has remained dominant, even in Modern City life. Travel in this tropical country is comfortable and down-to-earth. The rail, bus, train, and airway network is extensive and every place worth visiting is accessible. There are many places warrant to stop, countless sites to see, and a multifaceted culture to explore and it is more affordable than ever by today's international travel standards. Visit Thailand - the land of Smiles. You will discover an unforgettable experience for what you will see in Thailand.

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Chiang Mai

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Traditions and Culture

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 • Connecting travellers with Local Buddies in Vietnam

 • Starting from August 2023, Tubudd expands its market in Korea, Japan and Taipei; aims to connect Vietnamese tourists with local buddies who are Vietnamese who have lived and worked for a long time in the host countries.

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Unlimited personalization of your all-inclusive trip including :

 • Visa services
 • Private transportation
 • Fares services
 • Accommodation services
 • Relaxing Spa service


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Pattanee Sthitirat - luxury bespoke travel

Pattanee Sthitirat (Pat)


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